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Keep It Green

We use an integrated, reduced-risk program to keep the ecosystem safe while controlling insects and plant diseases which harm your trees.


Knowledge is the Key

Our arborists are trained and licensed to handle all kinds of tree issues, including site diagnosis, plant health care, pruning, and tree removals


The Personal Touch

Unlike franchise companies, each client has a personal arborist to check their trees, direct their services, and to meet with whenever needed

Need to get your trees under control?


  1. Hire a Pro! Be Safe

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    As the link to the following video illustrates, there are good reasons why you should calll us to remove your trees. Tree pruning and removal can be dangerous and even fatal. Trust the guys who train for this and do it right. Call Fox Tree today
  2. Dormant Horticultural Oil Time

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    The time for an initial dormant horticultural oil treatment this spring is almost upon us. This ttreatment is extremely effective in reducing populations of many tree damaging insects on Long Island, including spider mites, various scale insects (both hard and soft), adelgids, aphids, mealybugs and other insects. Treatment is made...
  3. Snow Damage to Ornamentals

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    The east end is still in the grip of one of the heaviest snowfall winters in recent years. Built up snow and ice can damage your trees and ornamentals in a number of ways, primarily through “snow loading” where the accumulated snow weighs down branches and leaders and causes splitting...
  4. What Does The Fox Say?

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    What does the fox say? In our case, Fox Tree Service says Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays of all kinds to all our customers and everyone out there! God Bless us all, Tiny Tim!
  5. Christmas Lights for Outdoor Trees!

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    The Christmas season is here and many of you are considering putting holiday lights in your outdoor trees for a beautiful landscape. This can mean an awful lot of work and time, both in putting up and taking down. It also involves the purchase of the proper lights and a...
  6. Fox Tree is Best of the Best Again!

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    Yes, folks, once again we have won Dan’s Paper’s Best-of-the-Best contest for tree companies on the south fork of Long Island! That means more people voted for us to do tree removals, tree pruning, cabling, lightning protection, stump grinding, tree spraying, tree fertilizing and tick/ mosquito treatments than any other...
  7. Winter Drought Stress

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    Long Island is in a moderate drought situation at this time, with little relief in the near future. Water loss from transpiration from the leaves of evergreen trees could be severe this year. We’re recommending an anti desiccant application now and again during the winter months
  8. Fall Tree Composting & Soil Amendments

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    Right now, as part of our autumn tree care program, we’ve started doing our fall soil amendment jobs for valuable, older specimen trees at a number of properties. We use techniques including removal of old mulch, removal of sod an competing ground cover, breaking up compacted soil and radial trenching...
  9. Why Treat For Ticks In The Fall?

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    The east end and , indeed, all of Long Island is currently experiencing a major outbreak of ticks, especially lone star ticks. Black-legged deer ticks have long been a problem and are known carriers of Lyme Disease. Lone Star ticks are also vectors of diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted...

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