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Keep It Green

We use an integrated, reduced-risk program to keep the ecosystem safe while controlling insects and plant diseases which harm your trees.


Knowledge is the Key

Our arborists are trained and licensed to handle all kinds of tree issues, including site diagnosis, plant health care, pruning, and tree removals


The Personal Touch

Unlike franchise companies, each client has a personal arborist to check their trees, direct their services, and to meet with whenever needed

Need to get your trees under control?


Black Turpentine Beetle



Black Turpentine Beetle Pitch Tubes

Bark-boring beetle that attacks various species but mainly Japanese black pines and pitch pines. The insect brings with it the blue stain fungus (Leptographium spp) which actually online poker online causes the decline and death of the trees. Symptoms include “pitch tubes” on lower 6 foot of trunk, off-color needles which turn from light green to brown as areas of tree die off. Bark spray treatments recommended.

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